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We are specialized in herbs and spices . all our products are well- packed with Avery high quality and machine cleaned. Also our products are available as follows: crushed, whole leaves, and fine powder.

We can supply any quantity of the following products in conventional as well as organic variety :

ยท  HERBS & SPICES & Beans (Chamomile flower -  Hibiscus - Basil - Pieces Hibiscus - Marjoram -  Hibiscus TBC - pepper Mint - Anise Seeds - Spear mint -  Fennel seeds - paper Mint - Caraway seeds
-  Thyme - Cumin - Parsley - Sesame seeds - Dill - Fenugreek - Lemon Grass - Coriander - Lemon Grass TBC - Sunflower seeds - Sage - Dried Lemon -  Henna - Black Lemon - Molokhia paper - Super  seeds - Calendula - Rosemary - Bean - Broad Beans - white Beans )

Garlic, Ginger, Onions, Potatoes, Mango, Carrots, Tomatoes, Peppers

  • -Fresh Normal White Garlic 5.0cm Up
  • -Dehydrated Garlic Granules
  • -Garlic Oil
  • -Garlic Flakes

We exports many kinds of herbs ,spices and plants seeds such as:

  • -Basil
  • -Cumin
  • -Chamomile
  • -Celery
  • -Dill
  • -Fennel
  • -Black Cumin
  • -Calendula flower
  • -Calendula petals
  • -Anise
  • -Peppermint
  • -Spearmint
  • -Sun flower seeds (White,black)
  • -Parsley
  • -Marjoram
  • -Guava leaves
  • -Caraway
  • -Sesame

In addition, we concern about the quality of our products and their packing to arrive to you in the best condition, If you are interested to import any kind please indicate your quantities and destination to offer our best prices. Contact us for details.

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